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Established in 2010, Elmwood Adult Day Health Care Centers are proud to serve the multicultural communities of Rhode Island. Our goal is to support the physical and mental health of all our participants. Each day, seniors and disabled adults gather to have fun and socialize while benefiting from the many services offered by our professional staff.

Our parent organization, Elmwood Healthcare Inc., also includes Elmwood Home Care (MA, RI), and Elmwood Healthcare (Taunton, MA). Elmwood Home Care provides both skilled and non-skilled care and Elmwood Healthcare offers a variety of holistic health services. All three enterprises are owned and operated by the founder, Igor Yatskar, M.S., P.T. and reflect his vision to provide continuous care which supports the health and wellbeing of the community.

Elmwood Healthcare Inc., at large, supports and cares for communities by providing compassionate, innovative and personalized care. Through a comprehensive, community-based systems approach, we are committed to delivering the highest-quality, patient-centered care. Through this model, we maximize patient success and reduce hospital re-admissions to promote higher-rates of successful outcomes. For our patients, this is all possible when care is delivered to them right in their own communities.

Driven by a passion for community health

Elmwood Adult Day Health Care Centers are licensed by the Rhode Island Department of Health and are located in the heart of Providence. The unique, interactive and forward-thinking design of our facilities works to capture our organization's emphasis on innovation. Individual patient-centered approaches and health equity are at the forefront of our high-quality, community-based care.

Driven by a passion for community health, Elmwood Healthcare Inc., delivers unmatched care along with a culture of safety and respect. For staff, it offers an endless opportunity for professional development.  Our focus and goal is to bring care back to the patient, and bring healthcare professionals back to doing what they love most- caring for others. 

Committed to igniting change within the healthcare industry

The dedication to each patient goes well beyond the scope of intermittent services. With primary focus on communication and continuity of care, we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standard of care and operational integrity. Through our commitment to igniting change within the healthcare industry, Elmwood Healthcare Inc., supports and enhances integrated access to high quality care for all our patients.

The execution of our philosophy and mission solidifies Elmwood Healthcare Inc., as a pioneer in community-based healthcare innovation. Elmwood Healthcare Inc., emboldens an evolving and limitless vision of opportunities that seek to continually empower our patients, families, and our team-members.

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