What Others Say!

"I feel good about the center. I was so depressed and gained a lot of weight before I came here. Now, I feel good because everyone at the center helped me. I come 5 days a week and exercise every day. They take me to all my doctor's appointments and I don't feel depressed anymore."
"They are very welcoming here. Everyone makes you feel like family. They are very nurturing and accepting and they make me feel at home."
"I enjoy meeting new people and exercising!"
"I am pleased to be one of the first participants at the center, I enrolled when it first opened in 2010. I know the value the center has. My life has changed since I started coming here and I am thankful for the staff. On Sundays and Saturdays, I cannot wait until Monday so I can come here."
"I like this place 100%. I've already lost 10 pounds since coming here. The exercise is great and people are kind. Everything is great, I recommend coming to the center. I love it!"
"I like to use the computer, play pool, drink coffee, listen to music and dance! Coming to the center makes me feel really good."