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Virtual Pharmacy

Being knowledgeable about your medicines is extremely important for your good health. At one time or another, we all have questions about medicines…. What are the side-effects, will it interact with other medicines, how do I get a refill etc. etc. At Elmwood Adult Day Health Care Center, speaking with the pharmacist just got much easier. We are delighted to offer our participants the ability to speak with a pharmacist either at the Center or through the computer or Virtual Pharmacy.

Vida Scrip Pharmacy is a well-known and well-respected pharmacy serving the community. Vida Scrip Pharmacy has a consultation office at Elmwood Adult Day Health Care Center at 20 Miner St.

The Vida Scrip pharmacist or pharmacy tech is able to provide individualized pharmacy counseling to our participants. The pharmacy staff are friendly and take the time to answer all your questions. They are also bilingual, English and Spanish.

Vida Scrip Pharmacy has the ability to blister pack your medicines to help make it both easier for you and increase accuracy.

Vida Scrip Pharmacy provides free delivery – either to you at the Center or to your home.

Feel free to stop by the Vida Scrip Pharmacy office, they’ll answer all your questions and with a smile!

When you’re not at the Center, here’s how you can contact them.

Vida Scrip Pharmacy
500 Broad St #6
Providence, RI 02907

Telephone: 401-868-9070

A trip to the pharmacy just got a lot easier
and a lot more personable!


"The world becomes a better place
because of places like Elmwood!"

Elmwood Adult Day  Health Care Center

Felix Baez- Registered Pharmacist
"Pharmacy counseling session"


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